Luglio 23, 2024
A ECORANDAGIO ospitiamo e formiamo i giornalisti di domani

Dear Clubhouse,

The Italian community is shocked by the outrageous event that happened last March 12th 2022.
The account of one the most important exponents of our Italian LGBTQAI+ community has been blocked by ClubHouse. Greta La Medica is graduated in Literature at the University of Milan, Italy. She is a talented trans woman who has studied different cultures and traditions and she collaborated with prestigious fashion magazines. She recently wrote a book called “Coco Chanel” in which she highlighted the contribute of this individual in the fights for women rights, this was published in “Grandi donne della storia” (Important women of the history) by Corriere della Sera, the most important news paper in Italy. Recently, Greta has been interviewed by Vogue Magazine – Italy ( She collaborated with numerous italian artists including singers, authors, musician and radio.

The organized transfobic attack organized by some italian users that led to her ban on ClubHouse is shocking us all, we are sure you will take the necessary step to support her and our community.

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